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Full Service Means Full Service

First Full Service Realty is exactly as we named it; the first, full service, realty company. From buying and selling, to investment properties, to property management and even companies we work with in parallel services, we set out to be an all-inclusive, bespoke to our clients individual needs real estate company. Whether dealing with low six figure or multi-million dollar transactions, our unique systems and processes allow us to be attentive to each and every client, ensuring we operate with trust and integrity at every turn to save time, money and headaches for our clients. We help our clients by leveraging our experience and skills in laying out the smoothest path, giving each and everyone that we have the pleasure to work with an attentive and personal interaction.

"I take pride in the fact that when my clients lay their heads down at night, they can sleep comfortably knowing that they made a sound, solid decision and I was there to help!"

With 19+ years of experience, knowing the "ins and outs" of real estate and the buyer/sellers respective markets is exactly what Ruchelle brings to every single one of our clients. Light hearted and professional, she makes sure clients not only get exactly what they are looking for, but that they enjoy the ride!
Ruchelle Stuart Real Estate Broker
Ruchelle Stuart

What Our Clients Say

Our clients are our focus! It is our number one priority to get you the best financial arrangement and to help navigate the buying or selling process without the headaches. See what some of our clients have said!


Jacob S.
Sydney, Australia
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I have been using Ruchelle's real estate services for 2 years now. Back when I purchased my first auction property, I was referred to her by another investor buying down there. I was told she and her team would be able to refer a contractor for rehab services I needed. As it turned out, not only did she help me with the rehab, she went on to find a renter and eventually sell the property for me! Plus at a discounted rate! I made out so well on that one, First Full Service Realty has been helping me with property management and resale ever since. I highly recommend making the call over there to them if you need any type of help with your purchases.
Joseph L.
Los Angeles, CA
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First Full Service Realty is the best at selling houses, hands down. What I really like about them is that they do extensive advertising including all social media sites and places like Zillow. They really go into detail with their descriptions and have the maximum exposure for my properties. I really like the fact that they charge me only 1%. Between the speed in which they sell and the savings on RE commission, I ultimately end up with more of a return on my investment. I say get in touch with them and find out for yourself!
Pete K.
Ontario, Canada
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I can probably speak more about First Full Service Realty services than anyone. When asked to write a few words, I was glad to share. My name is Pete and I have been acquiring properties in Las Vegas since 2009. I was first introduced to FFSR about 4 properties in. To save money, I was trying to handle everything after acquisition myself, leaving the resale up to a real estate agent. I quickly realized that if you are not in the game day in and day out, the process can be much more expensive and time-consuming than you would think. After learning a few hard lessons and realizing I did not have the time to deal with previous owners and rehab clean ups, I called the number that was given to me by the guy who helps me buy at the auction. Ruchelle answered and right away began to help me organize my properties. Since that time, she has handled the upfront work and taken all the way through to resale all of my properties. I have flipped over 25 of them personally and have friends and family doing the same. We all use First Full Service Realty. It is really hard to find an agent who knows the A to Z process. Wouldn't use anyone else.
Michael G.
Los Angeles, CA
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I use FFSR because of the way they handle my flip properties. They know how to get the word out about a listing and ESPECIALLY know how to handle the escrow process which has seemed like a nightmare in the past for me and my partners. FFSR has a good system down and a team around them is very helpful.
Mary S.
Los Angeles, CA
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Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $575K in Foothills, Henderson, NV. When Ruchelle found someone to purchase our house: Ruchelle never gives up. She's always thinking. She insists you hold your price (she wants to sell your house not give it away). When Ruchelle found us a house to purchase: Ruchelle never gives up. She's always thinking. She insists you hold your price (she wants to help you buy a house for the lowest possible price ... never overpay).
Michelle P.
Las Vegas, NV
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This is the third property Ruchelle has sold for me. Her knowledge of the auction in Las Vegas and flipping properties is second to none. Her company has several different branches that handle anything and everything an investor would ever need when buying and selling investment properties. Highly recommend.
G. Reinl
G. Reinl
Henderson, NV
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Ruchelle assisted us on selling our house in the SouthWest. She was very professional and walked us through the steps of how everything would go. Our house was only on the market for 5 days and we went into escrow and closed within 30 days. She got us 5000 more than what we asked for! We are not very computer savvy and she was very understanding and made sure to come to our home every time we needed to sign something. We didn't want a lockbox on our home either so she made it easy for our home to be shown by appointment only. I highly recommend Ruchelle if you are selling a home!

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