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Landlords Should Think Twice About Accepting Applications Through ZILLOW

The Changing Landscape of Tenant Applications and Why Landlords Should  Verify Information Wisely

In this digital age, where technology has transformed the way we do business, it’s essential for landlords to stay updated and adapt their practices accordingly.

It’s easy-to-use apps or websites that promise up-to-date information about potential tenants, but most eviction records are sealed according to the law so landlords will not have access to accurate information.

Landlords should not solely rely on platforms like Zillow for screening potential tenants. 

The tenant application process in particular is one area that requires certified Property Management professionals to get the most accurate info available.

Times have changed and it’s become crucial for landlords to prioritize double verification of every piece of information during the application process. 

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The Pitfalls of Relying Solely on Zillow for tenant applications:

While Zillow can be a useful tool for finding tenants, it should not be the sole basis for accepting applications and verifying tenant information.

Never save money on a background check!

Most landlords will do everything possible to prevent having to evict a tenant. Besides the amount of time needed to go through the process, the overall cost of an eviction can easily range between $4,000 to $7,000 or more! 

In some cases, nightmare renters will leave willingly after receiving an eviction notice, and if the landlord and tenant did not go through the complete eviction process, an eviction report will not appear on a background check. 

Key point: eviction records are not part of a criminal background report and not on the credit report.

Last year there were over 50k evictions in Las Vegas and we are currently at 25k in 2023. This year will be record-breaking, landlords should seek assistance for leasing and management to minimize losses as all the scammers are on the prowl.

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The high volume of evictions in the Las Vegas area underscores the need for landlords to seek professional assistance for property management to minimize potential losses.

Hire a Qualified Professional Property Management Company to get the Most Current SNF Accurate Tenant Information Available in the Las Vegas Area

Given the complexity of the rental market and the growing number of scammers targeting landlords, seeking assistance from qualified professionals is a wise decision.

First Full Service Property Management, and our sister company, Vegas Valley Evictions, possess the expertise and resources to conduct comprehensive background checks and gather the most accurate information about potential tenants.

We can ensure that landlords receive accurate information to make informed decisions and protect their investments.

Contact us for more information and be sure to ask us about our flat-fee pricing!

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