A Quick Guide for Credit Rescoring

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“Credit rescoring” is viable option provided for consumers who have disputed, won, and/ or resolved past credit issues and subsequently need to boost their FICO scores to purchase a home.

The resolution can take days, weeks or even months depending on the commitment and flexibility of the borrowers and the coaching provided by their loan officer.

Rescoring is a 2 step methodical process developed in conjunction with and  through the 3 national credit bureaus. Companies providing “rescoring services” known as “intermediaries” and are licensed by the bureaus to directly interface between the bureaus and the consumer/borrowers.

Pre- Remove a Buyers Loan Contingencies with a “DU” Loan Approval

Step 1: The consumer must obtain written proof (on letterhead) from the creditor, with the consumer’s account number, the creditor’s representative info (name-phone number-title) and a signature so that the intermediary can easily verify the accuracy of the correspondence.

The correspondence must specifically state (from the creditor) the corrective action to be taken by the bureau on behalf of the borrower.

Typically it is the removal of any derogatory info presently listed on their credit report (thus dragging down their score).

Upon verification by the intermediary, the changes are submitted to each bureau for correction.

Step 2: The borrower’s credit info is then updated and a new credit report complete with new scores thus completing the rescoring process.

This happens in 5-7 days & costs $75 per derogatory item per bureau.

Why Credit Repair Firms Fail

Nine time of out 10 credit repair firms do more harm than good.

Credit repair firms cannot access the repository data directly, do not have the ability to interface with the bureaus directly, or to do their own “investigation” or issue their own “updated” credit reports.

In other words they have “no standing” with the national credit bureaus”.

Repair companies simply file disputes (via the basic consumer model).

Filing the dispute(s), temporarily raise the credit scores, often giving the borrower “false hope”…until the bureaus conduct their investigation.

If the derogatory items are found to be valid, the credit score(s) return to the (original) lower credit scores.

Now the borrower is “stuck” with a “remark”, entered on their report titled: “Consumer disputes bureau’s finding”.

In accordance with Fannie/Freddie/FHA regulations, that “remark” must be removed (before COE) and will take up to 60 days.

By that time the credit repair company has collected its fee and moved onto their next victim while you and I left scrambling to save the transaction.

The key to a successful rescoring process is for borrower to obtain a mortgage generated credit report (not a consumer freebie from the bureaus) and begin the process 60 days before they begin searching for property.

-Dan Dobbs